Redefine Ability

A Project by Mantis Films


What does it mean? Does it mean having all your limbs? All your senses? Or does it mean being able to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Is a Paralympian able? More able than me I'd say.

What makes a person able is not dependent what physical limitations they seem to have, but what they can accomplish with what they have.

That is the true meaning of ability, and that is our focus.


Over three years ago, we were inspired by the accomplishments that Paralympians could achieve and began to realize in many cases they were more able than a majority of us. When sitting down and talking with them, they shared that view even stronger. So we set out on a mission to create a project to share the stories of some of these awe-inspiring people. In every case, unanimously, each of the individuals said the same thing, "we are not disabled". We're here to echo that message.


We brought together some of Egypt's most awesome and differently abled athletes to share their stories of where they've come from, what they see for themselves and their message to the world. We worked with the athletes to create a mini film showcasing their ability while training "abled" athletes and pushing them to exhaustion. The message, it's not as easy as it looks getting to where the athletes have made it. Supplementing the commercial, we built this site, to share each of the athletes stories.

An image of pro fencer and fencing student duel
Image of Tennis champion Mohamed Sobhy beside runner on track
Image of Swimmer Aya sitting at the side of a swimming pool with swimming student

Inclusively Designed

Since this is a project for the differently abled, we wanted to make sure it could be accessed and experienced by everyone. Which is why the campaign, from the website to the mini film is designed, directed, and developed so that even people with visual or auditory difficulties can experience the campaign.

Check out the Inclusive cuts of the mini film on the home page of the website, created both in English and in Arabic to experience something new.

Mobile Friendly
Keyboard Accessible
Screen Reader Friendly

What's Next

This isn't a one time event, we're looking to share stories from differently abled and bring these stories to the world stage. We're here to change perception and we invite you on the journey to make that change as well. Welcome to the #RedefineAbility movement.

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